Sunday, 1 July 2012

7 Things Update

Hello there lovely people,

Its been a week since I created my blog and created my first ever blog post, 7 things for June. As it is now July (Scary that this year is zooming through!), I thought I'd update you all on how it went. So without stalling any more, here we go:
  1. Get through my presentation this week = I can confirm that I did my presentation the week just gone. I got through it didn't cry or anything. I was the only member of the group to actually present last week, which was annoying however I can now go to class this week and sit happily in the knowledge that I don't have to perform again for a while. So thats a big tick next to that "thing".
  2.  Carry on with my exercise regime. = In the past week, I went to both my Aqua Aerobics class on Monday and my Zumba class on Thursday. I enjoy them both thoroughly because its a fun way to work out. Also, in a side note this month, I have been told by a few of my friends and family that I'm looking thinner and healthier and I can also touch my toes again (something I haven't done since giving up gymnastics many moons ago). Thats another tick there then :) 
  3. Have a tidy up and sort. = So I'm not going to lie, this one probably is not going to get a tick next to it. I've managed to sort out make up and nail varnishes (they are now all nicely ordered in drawers) however through doing this I believe my room has got more messy. I'm still sorting things out slowly but I don't think I'll ever be happy with my room.
  4. Learn something new. = OK i've been really geeky this week and have learnt many things to do with this blog. In one week, I've learnt how to create new pages ( I've created two... an about me one and one for my contact details.. check them out) and also I've added two extra ways to follow me (twitter and GFC). I'm so proud of myself that I have worked these things out, with a little bit of help from the internet (what would we do without technology).
  5. Try and write another blog post. = Since my first blog post last saturday, I have written two more... a LOTD post and a post about my recent shopping trip experience and haul. I am currently loving blogging far too much and find writing these posts therapeutic and enjoyable. I have more ideas of things to write about going around in my head so make sure you follow me so you don't miss anything :)
  6. Find a new blog/youtuber - Through joining this lovely blogging community, I am finding new blogs that I am enjoying every day. Two that I have recently found and fallen in love with are Tattooed Tealady and Tanesha Marie. Please check these lovely ladies out if you have a free second.
  7. Watch at least one film off  my long list of films to watch = this one has been harder to do than I expected as for various reasons I have been away from my dvd collection this week so I haven't had chance to watch one of the many films I own but haven't watched. However, I think this will be an ongoing goal that I will need to achieve so maybe next time folks.
5 and a half out of 7 isn't bad though. What do you think? How did everyone else lists go? Leave me a comment below.

Till Next Time 
C x

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