Thursday, 28 June 2012


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 Recently I placed an order through the New Look website. Today, I went to collect it in one of my local stores as New Look have the great delivery option of collecting in store (this is great for people that don’t know when they will be in the house, like me).However, it does have the downside of getting into a shopping centre which has more shops to peruse through and extra things WILL be bought.

I thought it would be nice as a blog post (my first one alone with out the help of a tag) to show what was in my order.. a kind of haul if you will. Just before we start... I've taken some pictures of the clothes and other oddbits to show them off, however my camera which is oldish and a bit lame (and I don't know how to turn the date off) but its a camera I've got to live with for now. But enough of that lets look at my parcel.

the parcel, just a plain black bag. 

 OK, so up first I ordered two jackets, as you can see I ordered a denim jacket and a blazer. I've wanted a denim jacket for a while as I think that it can be worn with so many different things (maxi dress and sandals or with a long top and leggings). I haven't owned a denim jacket since I was about ten when they were cool thanks to the band B*Witched (am I showing my age again?).
The blazer was bought because on the website it looked nice and again i thought that it could be worn a variety of ways, however I just tried it on and the fit is not quite right (because I'm not the skinniest of people and it only has one button it doesn't show me off greatly). Sadly I think I may have to return the blazer.

Next up in this variety bag comes these two dipped arm racer tops. I've seen these everywhere and thought I'd treat myself to a couple. They're loose fitting, rather long basic tops which will be awesome for the summer (if we ever get one that is). Picture number three shows the three bandeau tops I got to go with them (one white with black stripes, one mint green with lace bottom and one lilac). 

Next up we have accessories. When it comes to jewelry, I like slightly strange or maybe kitch pieces (i.e something to make a boring outfit more exciting). I guess that explains why I got the three things I did. First there's a union jack head scarf. Second is the nice little pendant which has the rocking horse on the end and finally the daisy chain necklace. I'm happy with all three of these and they were all relatively cheap so thats a bonus :)

So there lies all my New Look goodies. However like I said at the beginning, the problem with Click and Collect services are that to get the package you have to walk through much more temptation. Today the temptation was too strong,however I only got a couple of things from two stores. In Primark, I purchased a new black top for work outs, a t-shirt with Kermit the Frog on (because who doesn't like the Muppets) and a scarf, which was a massive Union Jack flag. All this came to about £12, which was not bad I thought.

Finally, from Boots I bought three of Maybelline's Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows (Turquoise Forever, Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze) and one Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple. Look out for reviews on these products soon.
 That completes my haul today, sorry for the long post. Hope you enjoyed.
Till next time,

C x


  1. I Really like the blazor and the necklaces are so lovely :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Blazer was nice online but just didn't fit me right. Thanks :) x

  2. omg that union jack head scarf is sooo cute! i need this in my life.
    great blog post!

    1. Aww thanks. If you like the headscarf then pop into Primark as they have union jack scarfs, which are massive for £3


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